Will you commute to a workplace in New York (NY) or New Jersey (NJ)?”

This question would never be asked if you live in California (CA), for example, but if you live in a state adjacent to NY or NJ, and you “commute” to those states, you may well be surcharged, because your insurance company must match the coverage of the state the vehicle is being driven in, if and while it is being driven in that state. Keep this in mind when answering this question:

Merely driving into those states occasionally to shop or visit relatives is not “commuting” by any definition.

How many miles per day/ week/ year will you be driving your vehicle?”

In the states that use this risk factor, total miles driven per year will strongly affect your premium, sometimes doubling or tripling the base rate. The more miles, the more premium. You are allowed to “self-report” report the answer to this question, and it will seldom be verified unless extremely low annual mileage is claimed. This particular factor is discussed further in the Discounts section.

Some companies are now offering a telemetry based discount, whereby in exchange for installing a GPS-based tracking device in your car, you get (or may possibly get!) this discount. If you don’t mind your movements being tracked 24/ 7 by your insurance company, you might consider this discount.